A Refresher Coronavirus Safety Guide for Everyday Life – Part 3

A Refresher Coronavirus Safety Guide for Everyday Life – Part 3

Across America and the entire world, coronavirus case numbers are at all-time highs. Though we've been in this pandemic for almost a year now, it's imperative that we all stay vigilant and continue taking the right precautions to protect ourselves.

Welcome to the third installment of our special COVID-19 safety refresher guide! In our first post, we reviewed tips for visiting public places, dining at restaurants, and traveling. Catch up on that one here. In our second article, we explored tips to stay safe while grocery shopping and exercising. Did you miss this one? Check it out here!

For this third chapter, we'll cover what you should do during personal care appointments at hair salons and spas. We'll also discuss some health tips for going back to school! Let's get started.

Coronavirus Safety Tips for Personal Care Appointments

Keeping up physical appearances has proven to be a difficult, and at times precarious, endeavor during the pandemic. Some forms of self care, such as cosmetics or spas, offer more obstacles than others. But they are all worth examining through the lens of safety.

Barbershop and Hair Salon Visits

With what we've learned about the COVID-19 virus over the past several months, getting a haircut at your salon is probably one of the safest personal care activities you can undertake — as long as you're wearing an adequate face mask and your barbershop or salon has implemented proper precautions. We can't emphasize these factors enough; since these visits can vary wildly in their length of time, coronavirus protection measures are crucial.

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Don't hesitate to call your hair salon to find out what guidelines they're following. Even if it sounds like a safe environment, try to book an appointment during off-peak hours. This can help greatly to limit your potential exposure. If you really want to take the safest route for haircuts, there are dozens of instruction videos on YouTube.


The coronavirus pandemic has been stressful for everyone. So it's totally understandable that some of us want some physical and emotional relief by getting a massage or taking a spa day. Unfortunately, close physical contact is usually required for these activities. As with your barbershop, call your spa of choice before booking an appointment to find out what safety precautions it's taking. Always prioritize safety — if it doesn't sound safe, or you don't feel safe during your appointment, feel free to forgo your appointment or leave.

Nail Salons

Similar to massages and spa days, manicures or pedicures are a main stress reliever for many people. But also like massages and spa days, these activities involve quite a bit of contact. Find out your nail salon's safety guidelines by calling ahead. Even if they don't require masks, wear one. And try to visit your nail salon during off-peak hours.

Any activity that requires close physical contact like manicures or massages carries more potential risk. So make sure to account for these and evaluate if they're really worth your health, especially if your place of choice isn't taking proper safety measures.


Want to re-up on makeup supplies? Going to your cosmetics store of choice should be generally safe, similar to visiting a grocery store, as long as you're taking proper COVID-19 precautions. Just like grocery stores, wear your face mask, social distance, and keep the trip time to a minimum.

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Though, one aspect that's actually unsafe during the coronavirus pandemic is sampling products. Many locations have discontinued this practice while the pandemic is active. But if you come across one that hasn't it's best to avoid this given the risk it comes with.

Coronavirus Safety Tips for School

The topic of children's learning is undoubtedly one of the hardest dilemmas facing parents during the coronavirus pandemic. And education institutions are also split on the matter — some are holding in-person classes, others are opting for remote learning, and many are trying a hybrid approach. Let's cover some coronavirus tips to help the students get properly educated during the pandemic.

Instill an Educational Mindset at Home

Are your kids stuck doing school at home? Then you don't have to worry about potential coronavirus exposure in the classroom! On the other hand, you do have to help keep your kids motivated to learn. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make this easier on both you and your children.

To shift them into the right mindset and keep school separate from home life, create physical and emotional boundaries. Ensure your child has a dedicated workspace or desk for learning, and make sure non-school components don't intrude on it.

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Also set time boundaries by creating a schedule for your kid to stick to. Make sure it's flexible. Let your child have some input into this schedule to help motivate them. And if you're working from home while your kids are learning from home, try to set boundaries regarding workday interruptions. This is easier said than done, but it will help keep both of you focused on your work.

With all this said, remember to give yourself a break. The pandemic is an incredibly difficult time.

Returning to School Safely

Is your kid returning to in-person classes? Find out about your child's school guidelines and explain the importance of these precautions to them. If your kid has trouble processing all this information, be patient. We're all still wrapping our heads around this new way of life.

To help your child understand the importance of COVID-19 safety precautions, make sure that you adhere to them yourself. By wearing a mask consistently and constantly sanitizing your hands, you're setting an example that reinforces the importance of these measures to your children.

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Lastly, check often with your kids about how they're feeling. Make sure that they know it's okay to talk about their feelings with you. We've all had to adjust during the coronavirus pandemic, and children are no exception.

Stay Tuned for the Final Chapter!

We hope you've enjoyed the third chapter of our special refresher coronavirus safety guide. Check our blog often for the next installment, where we'll delve into more details about staying safe in school as well as how you can protect yourself during health appointments.

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