Face Masks or Neck Gaiters: Which PPE Promo Should You Sell?

Face Masks or Neck Gaiters: Which PPE Promo Should You Sell?

Coronavirus face protection absolutely dominated the promo industry last year. With the pandemic still running rampant across the world as we enter 2021, it's safe to say that this trend will probably continue for the foreseeable future.

But which personal protective equipment (PPE) promo should you sell? This can be a tough question to answer. After all, face masks and neck gaiters are not interchangeable; each offers unique benefits that address different needs. If this overwhelms you, no need to worry. Let's review the unique selling points of face masks and neck gaiters right now.

Face Masks

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused face masks to become the top promo around the world in 2020. This accessory is likely the first thing you think about when you hear the words "face protection," and for good reason — not only are face masks simple to use, but they keep mouths and noses snugly covered without too much discomfort or obstruction. For this reason, face masks were widely adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Face masks make a great pitch to virtually all audiences. When selling this product, focus on their wide adoption and affordability. You should also emphasize the versatility and ease of use that face masks provide. These factors make them perfect for a variety of situations, sectors, and demographics.

Here are a few example environments that face masks are great for:

  • Offices: Companies of all sizes and industries
  • Education: K-12 schools and colleges
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, urgent care centers, and clinics
  • Retail: Shopping malls as well as brick-and-mortar stores

Neck Gaiters

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Are your clients looking for the greatest protection possible? Then neck gaiters are the face protection promo that you should present! These tough tubes of fabric were already widely used in industries such as construction and agriculture. The pandemic has spurred them to also become everyday face protection options for users who desire the most coverage available.

To put on a neck gaiter, you simply pull it over your face. When selling this product, emphasize how it provides ample comfort during extended wear. This is an amazing advantage for jobs with long shifts. Besides this, the complete coverage that neck gaiters offer does an incredible job of protecting wearers from the elements, making them ideal for any hands-on occupations. And you can easily enhance your COVID-19 protection by folding your neck gaiter to make it two-ply.

Here are a few examples that neck gaiters are great for:

  • Contractors: Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters
  • Automotive: Mechanic shops, dealerships, collision centers
  • Construction: Building, demolition, roadwork
  • Warehouse: Inventory and shipment

The Dotted Line Difference

Hopefully, our above explanations help you understand the unique areas where face masks and neck gaiters each shine. Regardless of which option you choose, you really can't go wrong when you go with Dotted Line Manufacturing! We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to provide the highest quality neck gaiters and face masks possible. Check out some of our products' key features below:

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100% Made In the USA

From fabric yarn sourcing and cutting to printing, sewing, and beyond, Dotted Line Manufacturing is proud to say that our entire supply chain is based in the United States. We do it all right here in America and believe in supporting the U.S. workforce in every way we can.

Domestic products and hiring help to support the economy. It also means that these products adhere to high quality and compliance standards. Lastly, you'll benefit from speedy shipping since you won't be waiting on overseas shipments.

Unparalleled Antimicrobial and Antiviral Protection

We treat all of our neck gaiters and face masks with agion technology, a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral solution. This cutting-edge copper and silver infusion was originally developed for the medical industry and gives you protection form 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

An Emphasis on Comfort

While our neck gaiters and face masks are designed to prioritize protection, they also emphasize extreme comfortability. We know that many of our users wear our products all day long, and we want to support them in every way we can. That's why our neck gaiters and face masks not only look great but feel great too! Your customers are sure to notice the difference.

Superior Sun Protection

Nobody like getting sunburned. Our neck gaiters and face masks protect you from harmful UV rays by offering UPF 50 sun protection, the highest standard there is for fabric. Basically, this means our products block out 98% of UV radiation! Learn more about UPF protection here.

Our Products Are Built to Last

Your face protection is only as good as it lasts. Dotted Line Manufacturing emphasizes longevity by ensuring that our antimicrobial treatment is rated to withstand up to 100 washes without any decline in protection performance.

We make sure that our neck gaiters and face masks are built with the highest-quality materials possible. You can easily see this when you put them in the dryer — unlike other face protection products, ours don't curl and ball up. Not only are our products durable enough to support working professionals in the construction, agriculture, and transportation industries, but they're also tough enough to withstand the test of time!

Experience the Dotted Line Difference for Yourself

We hope you've enjoyed this overview of PPE promos, and we hope you also walk away with a great understanding of what makes Dotted Line's products different from the rest. We highly encourage you to see for yourself and put them to the test!

Want to distribute anti-microbial treated neck gaiters and face masks that protect you from 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus? Learn more here!