“Do I need my own pattern, or can I use one of yours?”

No, you do not need your own pattern, but if you are making something truly custom, we will have to make one for you.

We do have many patterns available to our clients, especially for team sports, basic (including lacrosse, hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, running, basketball...), basic crew neck and vneck patterns and many different accessories. If we don't have it, we make it. It's that simple.

“How do I choose the right fabric?”

If you don't already have Ayour own fabric, we can help you choose it. If you're not just printing fabric but building a new product, we can handle to fabric sourcing all together with your order. Depending on what your product is, we can recommend several options and tell you the benefits of each! 


“What is the turnaround time?”

Turnaround depends on what you are making and how many. Generally, we need anywhere from 1 week for fabric printing, to 10-15 business days for cut and sew. Of course, these times refer to the actual production time. Setting up the order, making patterns and sample making, etc will all add additional time. 

If your order requires a rush, just ask about our rush services and we will see what we can do to make your order happen by your deadline!


“Do I have to pay tax on my order?”

If you are a reseller in California, you will have to present your Seller's Permit number for documentation to avoid paying tax. Out-of-state distributors also qualify for deferring tax. 

“What is your return policy?”

As all orders are custom made, we do not accept any returns. However, if you find anything wrong with your order due to manufacturing defects, we will gladly repair the item, or replace the order at our discretion. You must contact Dotted Line Apparel within 48 hours to address any issues you believe your order to have. We stand by our workmanship and quality on all items we produce

“How do you process shipping?”

Shipping is entirely up to you. If you are the end user of the product, we can ship directly to you, or if you are a distributor or reseller, we can ship your items blind to your customer direct. 

Shipping will not be included in any pricing quotes, and therefore your products can be shipped on your shipping account, FedEx, DHL, UPS etc and with whatever method you select. Although we do not pay for your shipping, we will fulfill the shipment under your instruction.

“I live locally, can I just pick up my order?”

Yes, you can pick up your order directly from us to avoid shipping charges, no problem!

“Can you sublimate on fabrics other than polyester?”

No. Sublimation is a process exclusively for synthetic fabrics, namely polyester. Some polyester blends, such as polyspandex, can be printed, (like in the case of leggings and other yoga or swimwear products). Cotton is not for sublimation. If you would like to print on organic materials like cotton or silk, we can help you with that but the minimums in yardage are high, beginning at 500 yards.

“What if I don't have my own artwork?”

Not a problem! We have talented designers just waiting to help! Depending on your project, the design fee will vary, but our prices are typically less than a freelancer and we can ensure your design is fit for printing and production by letting us handle the art! We can do everything from design your printed fabric to place names and numbers on your team's jerseys. Our fee starts at just $75.

“What are your minimum order quantities?”

Generally, our minimums are very low, by industry standard. In fact, if you want, we can just make one piece, but the price will be higher than the per piece price of a production run of the same product. We take small orders all the time. Unlike a lot of other manufacturers, we don't turn away jobs just because they aren't big enough.

What we don't do, however, is make one-off novelty garments or accessories. If you want to make one t-shirt with a friends picture on it for his/her birthday, this is not the right place for you.