Neck Gaiters

100%Made in America.

Established in 2015

Established in 2015 in Los Angeles, Dotted Line Manufacturing began as a company creating athletic apparel. Made proudly in America, and utilizing the special technique of dye sublimation printing, there were little limitations on creativity. Over time, the founder, Jon Dadon, decided to meld his passion for the outdoors with his past experience in the fashion industry, and moved Dotted Line in a new direction. Using high quality fabrics, Neck Gaiters took center stage in 2019 servicing the construction, trucking, and logistics industries.

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What is sublimation?
Sublimation is a unique printing process that results in the transfer of a print, directly into the fibers of polyester fabric. The process has several steps and begins with printing the image on transfer paper using a sublimation printer and sublimation ink. Once the paper is printed, it is placed on the fabric, and through pressure and heat (about 400+ degrees F), transferred into the polyester fabric.

The heat causes the fabric fibers soften up (since polyester is essentially a plastic fabric), and also causes the ink to transform from a solid to a gas (sublimation - the change of something from solid directly to gas, skipping the liquid form like dry ice to CO2 gas). While the fibers are soft, the gas enters the "dye sites" on the fibers and is trapped in the fibers as it cools. The result is a print IN the fabric, not on the surface of the fabric. The fact that the fibers of the fabric are what receive the print has many benefits, like resistance to fading or from chipping away over time. Since sublimation is essentially a digital process, you can print as many different designs as you like and it does not change the labor, therefore no new set up charges per print!

Using high quality fabrics and the special technique of dye sublimation printing, Dotted Line began producing Neck Gaiters proudly made in the USA, serving the construction, trucking, and logistics industries. Dotted Line continues to manufacture in Los Angeles, California.


100% Made in USA

The Perfect Cooling Towel for any Outdoor Event!

Our treatment lasts 4X longer than our leading competitor, performing at full throttle up to 100X washes. Our standard towels are Hemmed, but we offer un-hemmed for a lower cost. Proudly MADE IN AMERICA!

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