Dotted Line Manufacturing Is Proud to be Part of California's Manufacturing Network!

Dotted Line Manufacturing Is Proud to be Part of California's Manufacturing Network!

Guess which prestigious manufacturing association your favorite face mask maker and neck gaiter supplier just joined! Between the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and news of variants spreading, 2021 has been quite tumultuous so far. We wanted to take a moment to focus on one of the positive highlights for our company this year: Dotted Line Manufacturing is now part of California's Manufacturing Network (CMN)!

About California's Manufacturing Network

CMN was formed and is helmed by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC). CTMC is a non-profit consulting company that serves California's manufacturing industry as a trusted advisor and resource to help the state's economy grow and thrive. Known as the only organization that serves the manufacturing sector exclusively, CMTC helps deliver a wide range of services from the production factory floor to new product and market discovery. It does this in a variety of ways, such as deploying third-party surveys to measure customer impact or offering incentives to manufacturers who are focused on growing their businesses.

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Like CMTC, CMN is dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) based in California to flourish. A collaborative network of more than 25 partners, CMN serves both rural and urban SMMs by addressing the regional challenges that California's diverse manufacturing community often encounters. Currently, CMN serves more than 1,300 companies annually. This not only translates to positive economic impact for manufacturers but also the public good of California. 

We're Also Part of ASI, SAGE, and PPAI!

Besides CMN, Dotted Line Manufacturing is also proud to be a member of ASI, SAGE, and PPAI. Here's a little bit of information on these wonderful organizations:


Short for the Advertising Specialty Institute, ASI is the $25.8 billion promotional product industry's largest membership organization. They're dedicated to helping top-rated suppliers expand their reach and leave a lasting positive impact on their communities.

To be ranked as a top-rated supplier by ASI, you must excel in several criteria, such as product quality, communication, delivery efficiency, and even how you resolve issues. With that said, it's readily apparent that suppliers must be on top of their game if they want to earn pristine ratings. We don't mean to boast (okay — maybe just a little), but thanks to the extremely kind and supportive feedback from our clients, we are a 5-star supplier on ASI!


SAGE is a leading provider of software and solutions for the promotional products industry. With over 45,000 distributors in its network, SAGE represents an amazing opportunity to break into new markets and bring in new business for top-rated members. But, similar to ASI, SAGE takes no shortcuts in evaluating suppliers.

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To achieve an A+ rating on SAGE, you must excel in customer service, delivery efficiency and quality, and problem resolution. Fortunately, we've worked with some wonderful distributors through SAGE, earning us top marks here as well! Learn more about our ratings on ASI and SAGE here.


One of the premier trusted leaders in the promotional products industry, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) delivers knowledge, resources, and community to help ensure the success of manufacturers, importers, and resellers. You may have heard of PPAI through its world-famous PPAI Expo, leading annual event for the promotional products industry.

Stay Tuned for More News!

We're extremely excited to join CMN and can't wait to connect with fellow members. Click here to see our profile! Stay tuned and check our blog often. We've got a number of exciting developments underway, and we can't wait to share them with you.

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Until next time, stay safe. Please continue to wear your face mask protection, social distance, and wash your hands frequently. Brighter days lie ahead. And we can reach them faster if we all do our part to end this pandemic.

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