Why Numerous Industries Depend on Our Neck Gaiters

Why Numerous Industries Depend on Our Neck Gaiters

Whether it's construction, logistics, or manufacturing, several industries around the world depend on our neck gaiters. Wondering why? Jon Dadon, Dotted Line Manufacturing's Founder, recently discussed a few of the many reasons that companies from various sectors have trusted our products to keep them safe — even long before the coronavirus pandemic started. Check out the video above and see the summary below.

Dotted Line's Neck Gaiter Design Is Refined by Years of Experience

Each neck gaiter manufacturer makes their product differently. While subtle to those outside the apparel industry, these differences in design and development are what separate superior neck gaiters from the rest. We craft our neck gaiters based on a design that's been informed by years of customer feedback and industry experience.

Our unique neck gaiter creation process was built from the ground up after accounting for all of the insights we've gathered during our extensive time in the apparel industry. Unlike plenty of other suppliers these days, we've been making neck gaiters for years before the COVID-19 pandemic began. And also unlike other neck gaiter makers, our process is always evolving; we're constantly improving it to satisfy your unique needs.

Our Neck Gaiters Emphasize Ease of Use

Dotted Line Manufacturing's neck gaiters are super simple and easy to wear. If you're preoccupied, all you need is one hand to put your neck gaiter on at a moment's notice. Similarly, you're just one simple motion away from making a neck gaiter two-ply.

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If you've worn a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic, there's probably been a time or two when you've forgotten it in the car. You don't have to worry about that with a neck gaiter since it stays with you at all times! Not only is this great for individual users, but it's also convenient for specific industries which mandate that workers wear face mask protection at all times.

Dotted Line's Neck Gaiters Are as Durable As It Gets

Many neck gaiter makers cut corners in one specific part of the product development process: They don't include a seam on the top or bottom. This significantly shortens a neck gaiter's lifespan; if you've worn a poorly made neck gaiter like this, then you're probably skeptical that such a product could ever be durable. You can rest assured that all of our neck gaiters are sewn to include seams from top to bottom.

We also construct our neck gaiters to keep you cool with optimal UPF 50 sun protection. In case you didn't know, that's the highest sun protection standard for fabric possible! Basically, it means that our products block out 98% of UV radiation. Learn more about UPF protection here!

Besides durability and sun protection, we also make each Dotted Line neck gaiter from 100% interlock polyester. This fabric type wicks away moisture seamlessly by rapidly moving it to the outer surface and then letting it evaporate. Essentially, this means our neck gaiters never get saturated, which means you never get that icky, soggy feeling from damp clothing. Learn more about our neck gaiter's moisture-wicking properties here.

Our Neck Gaiters Also Protect You From Germs

If you've gotten this far in our blog post, then it's obvious that our neck gaiters can support you through any physical or outdoor activity. But we want to give you the best protection you can get, so we also apply a groundbreaking antimicrobial and antiviral treatment of copper and silver to each of our neck gaiters.

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Researchers originally developed this copper and silver infusion for the healthcare industry. It offers complete protection from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. With the coronavirus pandemic, health safety should be a top priority for everyone. Get peace of mind by knowing that our products' antimicrobial properties are built to last; they can withstand more than 100 washes! That's four times as much as other antimicrobial fabrics on the market, which typically only last 25 washes.

Experience the Dotted Line Difference

We hope this short article and Jon's discussion helped you learn what makes our neck gaiters so special! We also highly encourage you to get firsthand experience with our products — it's the best way to understand the Dotted Line Manufacturing difference!

Want to distribute anti-microbial treated neck gaiters and face masks that protect you from 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus? Learn more here!